Class Schedule


Classes are held Wednesday evenings from February through November


*       7:00pm - 7:50pm:       Level 4 & Level 5     

        8:00pm - 8:50pm:       Level 6

**     9:00pm - 9:50pm:       Level 3 & either Level 1 or Level 2

* Must be at club by 6:40pm to set up equipment

** Must pack up


The pre-requisites for each level are:

Level 6 =         3 ADX passes or EAC title

Level 5 =         AD or NAC title

Level 4 =         Consistently weaving independently and able to sequence at least 5-6 obstacles

Level 3 =         Can complete a 3 to 4 obstacle sequence, plus dog does not continually run off

Level 2 =         Based on Instructor assessment


Please Note: Entry into each level is still subject to instructor assessment -- i.e. obtaining the pre-requisite does not guarantee immediate promotion into a higher level.


All classes are held indoors at:

Myuna Farm
Riding for Disabled Pavillion
182 Kidds Road Doveton
(Melways Ref:  90 H7)

Minimum age for dogs is ten (10) months with exercises carefully restricted until the dogs is at least twelve months of age.